Wholesale bales are the essence of our business and the most demanded products by our business customers, this is because of the high grade packed due to exclusive picking deals with over 10 textile factories. Here you can find the cream of all clothing that enters the recycling system. 

All listings are ready to ship unless stated as pre-order.

Where other wholesalers & factories bale up to 60% error within their bales to make a profit, we take a small percentage gain per sale but fill our bales off the belt with the best stock available.

Legal Stuff & Important Information

A) Trademarked Products


1.All items are authentic and used/after market products - we import from recycling companies both in the EU and worldwide. All branded trademarks are correct to the items and not added to misplace incorrectly.

B) Refunds/Cancellations/Shipping

1. Because we are business to business no refunds will be offered at any time unless we decide at our discretion. Please do not purchase for single/consumer use.

2.Orders are fulfilled within 2 working days and shipped thereafter - you will be emailed tracking.


1.By purchasing from this website you are accepting all these connected terms and conditions of sale on this web page.

D)Privacy Policy

1. No details (outside shipping of your order) are stored with us or shared outside the company.

E)Legal Entitity

1. You are dealing with Emporium Supply Limited via www.edperkin.com and this site , this is registered in UK as company n.11405479.

2. Physical Address of fulfillment; Storage Of Emporium Supply Limited

Unit 69 , 15-17 Ingate Pl , London SW8 3NS

F) Customer Contact.

Mobile : 07388329015 (+44)

Email : ed@edperkin.com